Preparing for Sea Turtle Nesting Season

sea turtles

Sea turtle nesting season begins each year on May 1 and continues through October 31. Florida is the largest nesting area in the world for the Northwest Atlantic Ocean Loggerhead. At Beaches Energy, we look forward to helping these mother turtles and their hatchlings stay safe and protected.

How You Can Help:

  • Restrict or shield direct beachfront light from homes or landscapes.
  • Avoid unneeded light, noise and movement on the beach at night.
  • Do not walk or cycle on beach dunes.
  • Keep beaches clean by cleaning up trash, beach furniture and miscellaneous items.
  • Do not disturb sea turtle tracks, eggs, adults or hatchlings.


For more information on ways to help our sea turtle visitors survive, contact or call Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol at 904-613-6081.