Beaches Energy Services Rebates

Do a Little …

Beaches Energy Services is now offering a rebate program for selected energy efficient home improvements. We know you want to conserve energy, lower your bills, and help protect the environment.

Now through rebates - dollar credits applied directly to your utility bill - Beaches Energy Services helps you improve the energy efficiency of your home through the purchase and installation of energy-saving equipment and other improvements. We're committed to making it easier.

Save a Lot!

Beaches Energy Services offers a total of up to $1,800 in energy-saving rebates for these residential energy-efficient improvements.


Rebate forms must be completed and submitted to Beaches Energy Services along with proof of purchase invoices and required documentation within 60 days of installation.

Residential Rebates

Qualified Products or Improvements Maximum Rebate Amount
A/C Heat Pump SEER 14 $100
A/C Heat Pump SEER 15 or higher $300
Insulation Upgrade $300
Window Film / Solar Screen $100
Solar Water Heater $500
Heat Pump Water Heater $500

Commercial Rebates

Qualified Products or Improvements Maximum Rebate Amount
Commercial Lighting Upgrades $2,500
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